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Briar Hill Primary School

Briar Hill is a warm, happy and effective school, which is fortunate to benefit from motivated and positive pupils and an exceptional team of dedicated staff.


Welcome to the class page for each of our classes at Briar Hill.

At Briar Hill, we have the highest expectations for all of our children to achieve exceptional outcomes.  Underpinned by a culture of positive relationships and our school values of Courage, AspireAmbition and Respect, together our staff and children strive to exceed the limitations of potential.

All staff at Briar Hill recognise that learning time in schools is finite and as a result they must find ways to ensure that all learning is highly effective and efficient.  Our inspiring teachers communicate their passion for subjects through their teaching of a coherent and cumulatively structured knowledge-rich curriculum, which meets the needs of individual learners’ talents and builds the foundation for their future.  Within lessons, teachers aim to deliver lessons which are explicitly taught and modelled; retrieve and build upon prior learning; are structured, scaffolded and carefully adapted to maximise the learning opportunities; resources are utilised effectively and provide timely feedback to ensure the that every child achieves their very best in every lesson.

Our school environment reflects the high expectations we have through for our children through the visible learning evidenced on working walls, which demonstrate how knowledge builds over time; the vocabulary rich classrooms and our displays and shared spaces. Furthermore, all classes are equipped with the latest technology, which are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum.


Teachers: Mrs Neophitou (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Kowal (Thursday and Friday)
Support Staff: Mrs Roberts and Mrs Rowton


Teachers: Miss Smith (Monday, Tuesday and Friday), Mrs Crozier (Wednesday - Friday) and Miss McGovern (Monday - Thursday)
Support Staff: Miss Gibbs and Mrs Flowers

Year 1

Teachers: Miss Abbott and Miss Johnson
Support Staff: Mrs Graham, Mrs Upson and Mrs Jwanczuk

Year 2

Teacher: Miss Tranter and Mrs Barker-Trett
Support Staff: Miss Jokuliene

Year 3

Teachers: Miss Allen
Support Staff: Mrs Watts

Year 4

Teachers: Mrs Peters and Mr Hickman
Support Staff: Mrs Rainbow

Year 5

Teachers: Mrs Cross, Mrs Luu and Mrs Coleman
Support Staff: Mrs Robinson and Mrs Le

Year 6

Teachers: Mr Hall, Mr Warren and Mr Crozier
Support Staff: Mrs Grant

Specialist Teaching Support Team

Mr Mair
Mr Lillyman