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Briar Hill Primary School

Briar Hill is a warm, happy and effective school, which is fortunate to benefit from motivated and positive pupils and an exceptional team of dedicated staff.


Briar Hill Primary School: Vision Overview

The ultimate vision for our curriculum is to provide the children with opportunities to: experience memorable and enchanting moments, foster positive relationships; gain an understanding of the importance of mental health and wellbeing; develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the world around them; develop curiosity, enquire and ask questions through philosophical enquiry; nurture and grow their aspirations and equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed for a 21st century world.

Curriculum is King 2020-2021

At Briar Hill, we teach a carefully sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum which aims to inspire pupils and promote excellent outcomes for all.
The curriculum content has been carefully chosen by our own subject experts and is organised in a coherent way, ensuring children can build on their knowledge from year to year. In this way, the knowledge in the curriculum is cumulative, constructing firm foundations and schema from which children can progress and develop deeper conceptual understanding and subject-specific knowledge and skills over time.
Curriculum coherence ensures that teaching does not jump from topic to topic, but enables children to develop knowledge over time, as well as a love of subjects. Subject content is crucial to this approach- the rich content of the curriculum inspires children and plants the seeds for a lifetime of learning.
Lessons are taught with talk and thinking critically at the heart. Children are encouraged to learn in a variety of ways.

The Curriculum Crews

All areas of the curriculum are within different crews. Each crew has an individual action and impact plan to drive improvements forward and a crew leader.
The five crews consist of:

  • CLL (Reading, Writing, Oracy, Drama, P4C)
  • STEM (Science, IT, Mathematics, P4C)
  • Humanities (RE, History, Geography, ECO, P4C)
  • The Arts (Music, Art, P4C)
  • Care (PSHE, Jigsaw, Keeping Safe, Mental Health, PE, Dance, P4C)

CLL (Reading, Writing, Oracy, Drama)

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STEM (Science, IT, Mathematics)

Humanities (RE, History, Geography, ECO)

Arts Crew (Music and Art)

Care (PSHE, Jigsaw, Keeping Safe, Mental Health, PE, Dance)


The core curriculum crews are equally valued at Briar Hill and are all taught through our knowledge rich curriculum, using the Talk for Writing methodology to support in the acquisition of knowledge, vocabulary and understanding and P4C approach to deepen and extend critical thinking. Each term, each crew leader is particularly responsible for: 

  • Supporting staff implement the curriculum
  • Provide bite size CPD for staff to enhance their subject knowledge
  • Provide quality planning from an expert in the subject discipline
  • Monitoring and assessment of the subjects in their crew
  • Identifying areas for development in the subjects in their crew
  • Addressing to the areas of development in their crew

Enabling Personal Growth and Success for All 

At Briar Hill we are truly ambitious for all children. We believe in radiating positivity and ensuring that we rapidly break down all barriers that allows all children to thrive and succeed. Our goal is to facilitate learning, socialisation, where all children can independently explore, process and navigate in order to reach their full potential each and every day, feeling safe to do so. 

They are explicitly taught through our care curriculum, our support from the pastoral team for all, and is the golden thread that weaves throughout the DNA of the entire school. They promote and protect emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people and staff. 

In order to do this; we have agreed 5 characteristics that enable and inspire effective learning attitudes and behaviour.

These are: 

  • Enabling growth mindsets
  • Enabling challenge and curiosity
  • Enabling the 4 Cs of P4C (Critical, Creative, Collaborative, Caring).
  • Enabling identity and emotional intelligence
  • Enabling equality

At Briar Hill we celebrate our core values as a school. These are reminders of the qualities we strive for all our children to possess.


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