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Briar Hill Primary School

Briar Hill is a warm and happy school with well-being at the heart. All children are challenged, nurtured and inspired to achieve highly and make a positive contribution to society.

Pupil Personal Development

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the Pupil Personal Development page of our website. We hope this new area provides you with all the information you need to see what else we offer at Briar Hill Primary School to allow the children here to learn key skills which they will use everyday. 

The first section includes an overview of who our Head Boy and Head Girl is for 2021-2022 and our Curriculum Pupil Development which is shown clearly in our recent Flagship status 2021 IQM award. Next is our Junior Leadership Team; there are a number of different teams including Active Ambition and The Eco Committee. Finally is our Enrichment Lunchtime Activities including Parliament and Careers Club. 

If you would like your child to get involved in any of these clubs, please message your child's class teacher or Mr Hickman/Mr Crozier who will be happy to assist. 

Recent Pupil Personal Development Days


LGBT+ Pride Day - June 2021

Humanism Day 2021 - June 2021

Empathy Day 2021 - June 2021

World Oceans Day - June 2021

World Environment Day - ECO - June 2021

Times Tables Maths Check Year 4 - June 2021

Careers Day - May 2021 

Eid Assembly - May 2021

Dragon's Den Assembly - May 2021 - Winning designs

Kindness Day - May 2021

Eco Big Ask - May 2021

DRET 10 Reading - May 2021

Inter-House Sports Day - May 2021

Wellbeing Champions - April 2021

Prince Philip - April 2021

Ramadan - April 2021

Vaisakhi - April 2021

Earth Day - April 2021

Head Boy and Girl (including deputies)

Head Boy - Ozan

Head Girl - Addison

Deputy Head Boy - Harvey

Deputy Head Girl - Eden

Curriculum Pupil Development (IQM) 

'The staff at Briar Hill are the curriculum drivers across the Trust. The Headteacher is the Teaching and Learning Leader. She and her Leadership Team are sensitive and emotionally intelligent. They have not only raised standards but they have built a school which cares deeply about every individual here and within their locality. They understand that a truly inclusive school benefits everybody.'

Please visit our news listing to see the full report. 

Briar Hill Primary School - Briar Hill's IQM Flagship Status Retained

Pastoral Pupil Development 

Assistant Headteacher, Pastoral Lead and SENCo: Mr Ian Hickman  

Attendance and Behaviour Lead: Miss Bay Cameron-Leslie

Senior Safeguarding Lead and Assistant SENCo: Mrs Janice Marshall 

Care Team Lead: Mr Crozier

Wellbeing Mentor: Miss Colleen Robinson


 At Briar Hill, the heart of our ethos centres on the characteristics of effective learning. These are:

  • enabling equality

  • enabling the 4Cs of P4C (care, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking)

  • enabling identity and emotional intelligence

  • enabling growth mindset

  • enabling challenge and curiosity   

We work relentlessly to nurture our pupils to unlock and achieve their full potential and raise their aspirations. We are determined that during the children’s time spent at Briar Hill, they will leave as confident members of society, who are ready to enter secondary school with a strong moral compass, a real sense of resilience and to be armed with the key transferable skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed in an ever changing world. 

Our Pastoral team offer a range of support and nurture through school based and co-ordinated intervention to help individual pupils to improve their social, emotional and behavioural skills. As a result of this practice, Briar Hill Primary School has been praised locally and nationally through awards such as IQM Flagship and the Rose of Northamptonshire. 

Junior Leadership Team 

Enrichment Pupil Development 

Pupils have the opportunity to choose from a range of extra-curricular activities.

Enrichment is a key driver for both Briar Hill Primary and our academy sponsor – David Ross Education Trust. We provide a broad range of enrichment opportunities - focussed around Sports, the Arts and Culture - as we firmly believe that these opportunities have a number of benefits for our pupils, both academically and personally by broadening their life experiences.

As a David Ross Education Trust academy, we believe that enrichment can help to raise academic standards, enhance performance and teach life skills that will equip our pupils for an ever-changing world.

Primary enrichment gives students the chance to participate in activities that supplement learning and enable them to broaden their skills and experiences, identify talent and enhance it.

Activities include visual and performing arts, including dance, drama and music. There is also a focus on art, sport, outward bound and developing life skills. Our twitter feed below showcases some of the wonderful enrichment opportunities recently and please click here to see some examples of enrichment before Lockdown.

Here is an example of some of the excellent Enrichment opportunities with some Year 6 children contributing to the David Ross Education Trust Christmas Carol concert. 

House System - Introduced by the House Captains

The house system is an integral part of Briar Hill and is predominately utilised during inter-school competitions, which occur every half term, each with a different focus.

Our children are proud to be part of their house teams. Every child and member of staff is allocated to one of four houses, which they then support. Our houses teams are grouped vertically which enables children to socialise and engage with peers and staff beyond their everyday environment. It is an essential part of school life as it facilitates a growing community spirit and enables children to participate collectively, involving children from all year groups who are contributing to something bigger than themselves.  

It was important for the house teams to be named after relevant, diverse and inspiring individuals, from different backgrounds within Great Britain. Therefore, the houses are all named after four successful British Artists. These artists each have a different discipline within art, they are: Gormley, Hockney, Banksy, Wiltshire.

The House captains each year are members of Year 6. 



Junior Leadership Team

Curriculum Ambassadors

CLL Ambassador

I am really passionate about all the CLL subjects and want others to be successful in Writing, Reading and French. 

I really enjoy writing as when I write, I find it clears my mind if I have too many thoughts. My teachers give me lots of opportunities to write in school across our fantastic curriculum. 

I am a very keen reader and am so grateful for the wonderful texts we study in Talk for Reading, the texts in the library and the reading material school share on Google Classroom too. Reading helps me learn about the world around me and takes me on lots if journeys. 

Learning different languages is a fantastic skill and it will benefit me and all of the other children in school, in their futures. We have learned French and Latin which has really helped me understand the English Language too as I know where some of the words originate from. 

As CLL Ambassador, I want to help other pupils and give them the best opportunities in the subject areas. 

STEM Ambassador

I love STEM and am passionate about all of the subjects. In Maths, I love the four operations and find the way that my teachers support me in maths really helpful. They use a range of resources that support me to develop and learn - while providing me with a maths concrete resources pencil-case. 

In Science, I especially love the different working scientifically opportunities we are given and my favourite units are electricity and light. I am a keen Scientist and like lots of the enrichment that we are given.

In Technology, I enjoy using lots of different equipment and learning new skills of how to use them to create a product. I have really enjoyed the food technology we have done in school too - including all the other opportunities given. 

I really love Computing and using the different software we have in our school such as coding and radio software. I have learned many skills in my lessons and during other whole school event days as well. 

As  STEM Ambassador, I want to help other pupils and give them the best opportunities in the subject areas. 

Humanities Ambassador

I am really passionate about History, Geography and RE, which is why I thoroughly enjoy Humanities. 

In History, I really enjoy and love learning about different periods of time. I think it is important to learn about the history of the world and using a range of resources makes it fun and engaging for us too. Through learning History, we can consider the present to the future more. The curriculum at our school really looks at a wide range of historical periods, events and key figures too. 

In RE, I feel it is really important to learn about different faiths and cultures because this allows us to understand the community, and the wider society that we live in. The RE curriculum is really interesting and we have had many discussions and visits from different people and looked at different aspects of religions and cultures. 

In Geography, I love learning about the different locations around the world and comparing them to my home town, here in England. Learning about Geography also helps us to greater understand how humans have impacted the world as well as how nature changes over time. 

As Humanities Ambassador, I want to help other pupils and give them the best opportunities in the subject areas. 

Arts Ambassador

Active Ambition Crew

Hello, we are the Active Ambition Crew, made up of Year 6 pupils at Briar Hill Primary School.

We all have a passion for sport and helping children to participate in games that they want to play in both Key Stage 1 and 2 at our school.

In Key Stage 1, our focus is on building the skills that the children have learned in PE lessons so we often run sessions like skipping, races, throwing and catching, balancing and speed bounce challenges and we use a range of equipment to support this.

In Key Stage 2, our focus is more games based and run activities with Mr Mair focusing on Football, Basketball and Netball. We also ensure that we have equipment such as hula hoops and soft balls to practice activities that enable us to improve our skills in PE.

We look forward to running these activities again for the children at Briar Hill Primary School!


The Eco Committee - ECO Ambassadors

Hello, we are the Eco Committee at Briar Hill Primary.

We love Eco and are passionate about this subject.

We are very proud that in June 2020 our school achieved Green Flag Eco status. This is the highest award in the Eco Schools programme.

As a committee it is our role to carry out the annual Eco Schools Environmental Review. We lead the school on the three Eco Topics of Litter, Waste and Energy.

Throughout the year we take the lead in Eco Projects

  • Switch Off Fortnight- throughout the year we promote Last Out Light Off, so no energy is wasted at our school
  • The Big School Birdwatch- we keep the bird feeders in our woods stocked up
  • Waste- we promote the use of the recycling bins in our year groups
  • Litter- we encourage no littering in our school grounds and take part in litter picks
  • Caring for our Environment- we take the lead in gardening in our school grounds

As ECO Ambassadors, we want to help other pupils to be more environmentally aware and make a difference at Briar Hill.



At Briar Hill Primary School we are proud to have a students radio station. This includes the children creating their own playlist, recording their own interviews with members of staff and other children/ambassadors. 

Young and Sport Leaders

At Briar Hill Primary School we believe it is important that our pupils develop strong leadership skills and are able to 'have a voice' in their school community. As a P4C school, we encourage and teach our children to show respect and choose their words carefully when expressing opinions.

To achieve this, every class will engage in debates and children are given opportunities to participate in leadership roles through ambassador roles or in the classroom roles. 

We also have a number of sport leaders at Briar Hill Primary School who devise different zones in the playground for children of all ages to participate in sports and physical activities during breaktimes and lunchtimes. 

Wellbeing Champions 

Hello, we are the Wellbeing Champions at Briar Hill Primary. Below are the reasons we think Wellbeing Champions are important at Briar Hill.

Wellbeing Champions help people by trying to make them happy and cheer them up when they are feeling down. They also look out for everyone in their class.

A Wellbeing Champion makes sure people are safe and happy in school.

Wellbeing Champions are important because they keep people happy by being kind and nice. We want everyone to be happy in school.

Being a Wellbeing Champion is important because you should always be kind and try to help others and I want to do that.

A Wellbeing Champion is kind and nice to everyone. They listen to everyone in their class and try to help. If I saw someone who needed support I would get them to tell an adult if they felt unhappy.

If there weren’t any Wellbeing Champions then there would be less people to check that everyone was happy and enjoying school.

It is important to take care of the people in the school. If I see people unhappy then I try to help them out.

When people are worried you can go and play with them and ask if they are okay. It is about caring for others and showing others how to be kind.

If someone isn’t happy or feels unwelcome then it is my role as a wellbeing champion to help with.

Because if people are sad you need to help them. That is my role in my class.

If anyone feels down, someone needs to cheer them up and support them. This can be done by talking to them or advising them to tell an adult. That is why we have Wellbeing Champions.

I think it is important that we have a wellbeing champion because everyone has feelings and if toy bottle up your feelings you can feel overwhelmed.

Multi-Faith Team

Hello, we are the Multi-Faith team, made up of children in Key Stage 2 at Briar Hill Primary School.

We all celebrate different religions or faiths and our aim is to promote and celebrate our diversity within our school.

We are ambassadors of our faiths and religions and have taken part in a living museum and have acted as the teacher in the classroom when it comes to the teaching of our religion at school.

Our aim is to work with Mrs Peters in continuing to promote and raise the profile of our different faiths and religions at our school.


Enrichment Lunchtime activities


At Briar Hill Primary School, we have a lunchtime club with children (usually in Year 5 and Year 6) take part in parliament activities. This has included a few visitors to our school before including the Northampton South MP and children taking part in debates. Please see the link to see an example of what this entails - Primary Debate in Northamptonshire

Job Centre

Please see below for the most recent jobs available for the Year 6 pupils at Briar Hill Primary School.


Careers club has been set up for UKS2 children to give them an idea of the potential jobs and skills needed ready for when they leave Secondary School, Sixth Form/College or University. Guests from all different sectors have shared their experience with children at Briar Hill Primary School over the last 4 years including Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants and Members of Parliament to name a few. 

TT Rockstars Crew

Along with weekly TT Rockstar lunchtime sessions. Regular competitions and challenges take place throughout the school year both nationally and within the David Ross Education Trust. Here are a couple of examples of these below.