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Briar Hill Primary School

Briar Hill is a warm and happy school with well-being at the heart. All children are challenged, nurtured and inspired to achieve highly and make a positive contribution to society.

Head Teacher's Welcome

 A warm welcome from the Head Teacher -   Janey Cooksley

As a school we share the vision to broaden horizons for our pupils. We are proud to be part of the David Ross Education Trust which has brought about collaboration and amazing opportunities for the school.

At Briar Hill we educate hearts and minds. Briar Hill is a happy school where everything is done with love. We are a high performing, successful school. We are We are an OUTSTANDING OFSTED school and the TES Primary School of the Year in 2022 and we are extremely proud of this accolade.

We want every single child at our school to have a world-class education; the kind of education that instils care, exemplary behaviour, inspires academic curiosity and a life-long interest in the wider world. Our teachers lead by example; inspiring our young people to learn through a knowledge-rich curriculum and the experiences we create for them inside and outside the classroom.

All our children are encouraged to be thoughtful and reflective, to understand their place in the world and to set themselves high standards. Also, our children are encouraged to adopt a positive mind-set and use determination and perseverance to overcome challenges and take pride in all that they achieve.

We work relentlessly to nurture our pupils to unlock and achieve their potential. Our children are actively encouraged to make a valuable contribution to society and thrive in a mutually supportive environment. All of our children are educated to enter secondary school with a strong moral compass, a real sense of resilience and to be armed with the key transferable skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed in an ever changing world. We promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of our children, including a recognition and understanding of Fundamental British Values. 

For all the very latest news, events, calendar dates and further information about our school, please visit other pages on this website, and don’t forget to follow our Twitter account. The best way to find out about our school is to come and see for yourself. Our doors are always open, and we would be delighted to share our experience and time with you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Briar Hill Nursery and Primary School.

Miss Janey Cooksley